Health Insurance is a social security system that guarantees the
provision of a benefit package of health care services paid from funds
created by pooling contributions of participants.

National Health Insurance Scheme is a body corporate established
under Act 35 of 1999 by Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure access to
healthcare by all Nigerians at an affordable cost.

Contributor, spouse and four biological children under 18 years of age.

Any member of the family outside the allowable six can be registered
as extra dependant.

No. However students in tertiary institutions can be covered under
the tertiary institution and voluntary participants Social Health
Insurance Programme. Person above 18 years of age and are not in tertiary
institution can be covered as extra dependants.

No limit, as long as the care is within the provision of the benefit

A beneficiary can only be allowed to patronize our accredited
provider to ensure high standard health care delivery with the system

Contact us early enough. A list of providers in your new location will be given to you to choose from.

You can lodge complaints with us. If you are still not satisfied you can change your provider.

Such beneficiary can access care from our accredited provider in the location for a time emergency condition.

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